Mazda CX5 / Mazda 6 2.2 Diesel - twin turbo unit CHRA Turbo cores

Mazda CX5 / Mazda 6 2.2 Diesel - twin turbo unit CHRA Turbo cores

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With this new core you will reuse your existing turbochargers compressor and turbine housings along with your actuator. All the high wearing components of the turbocharger (CHRA) will be brand new making this a cost-effective solution to repair worn or failed turbochargers.

We can offer fitting of this core into your turbocharger at additional cost, please enquire for more information.

Brand new balanced turbo core assembly - We stock and supply complete turbochargers to suit most makes and models if required.

Please check your turbo part number with the numbers below, if it’s not there or doesn't match it may still be compatible or chances are we have the correct model, please leave us a message and we can confirm.


Mazda CX5, Mazda 6



OEM Part Numbers:
SH0113700A, SH0113700B, SH0113700C, SH0113700D, SH0113700E, SHY11370ZB, SH0113700B, SH0113700A, QE2-10694-K, QE210694K, QH3-00540-K, QH300540K, SH01 13 700, SH01-13-700, SH01.13.700, SH0113700, SH0113700000, SH01-13-700A

Alternative part numbers:
810358-5001S, 810358-5002S, 810358-5003S, 810358-5004S, 810358-5005S, 810358-5001, 810358-5002, 810358-5003, 810358-5004, 810358-5005, 810358-0001, 810358-0002, 810358-0003, 810358-0004, 810358-0005, 810358-5001RS, 810358-0002, 810358-0003, 810358-0004, 810358-0005, 810358-2, 810358-3, 810358-4, 810358-5, 810358-5002S, 810358-5003S, 810358-5004S, 8103580002, 8103580003, 8103580004, 8103580005, 8103582, 8103583, 8103584, 8103585, 8103585002S, 8103585003S, 8103585004S, 8103585005S, 810356-0001, 810356-1, 810356-5001S, 8103560001, 8103565001S, 810357-0001, 810357-1, 810357-5001S, 8103570001, 8103575001S, T917187, 810358, 810358-5005S