Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator full kit FPR **SALE**

Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator full kit FPR **SALE**

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This top quality Fuel Pressure Regulator was developed for high horsepower applications up 500-600hp

Designed for both Motorsport and street use on turbo supercharged NA any application.

Base pressure is adjustable up to 60 PSI, Alcohol compatible

Rising rate of 1:1 ratio

7 x Hose end fitting/ coupling
3 x Stainless steel braided fuel hose
1 x 1-3/4" | 45mm gauge
1 x NPT gauge port
1 x Fuel pressure regulator
1 x Additional accessories

Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Oil 100psi Gauge AN 6 Fitting End

Set comes with a FPR, oil filled gauge and 7 hose end fittings
PSI display/scale from 0 to 100
Improves fuel delivery efficiency for more consistent boost
Prevents fuel starvation making the fuel flow more stable
Made of T6061 highly durable Aluminum material
Compact, high-duty design engineered by the best professionals of automotive industry
Ease of operation and control over the fuel pressure level
Stainless steel braided hoses included

Please check and give product a good clean before fitting to your vehicle.